Refurbished Computers

We are one of cumbria's leading Computer refurbishers.  We take in broken and unwanted laptops, desktops and gadgets and refurbish them to the highest Micrtosoft approved standards.  All provided with a full 12 month warranty and unlimited after-care.

bargain computers

Great value for money!  Powerful and reliable computers for a fraction of the price.  Make great savings on superb laptops with real support from us not a call centre miles away.

Frsh Windows

Fresh hard Drives and clean installs.  All our refurbished Laptops and desktops are clean installed with Windows or Linux and setup like new with a small essential collection of software covering you for virus protection and productivity.  There is never anyone elses data on our refurbished models.

Official Microsoft Refurbisher

We are an Official Microsoft refurbisher.  This means our Refurbished Laptops and desktops are professionally refurbished to the highest standards and have passed a rigerous test procedure ensuring years of reliable use.

great aftercare at SPB

12 month Warranty as standard.  Our laptop and desktops are refurbished to a professional standard which allows us to give a like new warranty.