Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how we use and protect any information that you give us when you use our Services, More importantly as a Computer repair shop this document outlines how we keep the data contained on your computer secure, safe and confidential.
SPB is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and your data is secure whilst in our care.
What we collect
We collect the following information when we book in a repair job or request on our Repair shop software. This is essentially a database.
• Your name and/or business name
• Contact information which would consist of your phone number, mobile number or Email address.
• A description of your computer or device.
• Information on what we diagnose and what we have done to repair your computer.
What we do with the information we gather
We require this information to label repair jobs and use the contact information to inform you when we have diagnosed your repair or to tell you it is ready to collect. We also use the information in the event that we see the same computer a number of times to better help in any diagnostics. For this reason the database is kept. The information held in the database is not used for any other purpose.
Financial Information
SPB keep a record of your invoice and payment method as per our legal taxation requirement. This is held for seven years.
Internal Data transfer and back up.
SPB Computers may make a backup of your data prior to certain repairs if we feel there is a danger of data loss. The backup is held for the sole purpose of ensuring you get back what you brought in. The data is not interacted with in any way other than to move it from one place to another and to check the size on transfer is correct.
Data is held on an external hard drive designated for this sole purpose. The data is formatted on completion of the repair. And the hard drive is secure wiped each month. The Drive is never removed from the premises. The amount of backups we perform naturally ensues the data on the external drive is regularly overwritten in any case.
Data that has been recovered by our recovery software is held on a PC designated for this purpose until you have collected a copy of the Recovered data or declined the recovery costs. The information is then deleted. The amount of backups we perform naturally ensues the data on the recovery drive is regularly overwritten in any case. The Drive is secure wiped every month.
Data transfer from old to new.
If you buy a new or refurbished computer from us we may at your request transfer your data from your old computer to your new computer. This is performed by attaching your old hard drive to your new computer by a data cable and copying the data from corresponding locations. We do not at any point hold your data on our equipment unless we are performing a data recovery service. We will check the copied size match’s the original and we may check the file types copied to ensue you have the relevant programs on your new computer so you can access your data.
Software specific repairs
Software specific repairs performed may require us to open certain documents that may have failed in order to perform the repair. We will ask what we can and can’t open to facilitate the repair and explain what we need to do and why. Any information private or otherwise is considered confidential.
Password and log in information
Passwords supplied by you are recorded by hand on the jobs service sheet. These are shredded each week. We do not electronically store login information or passwords.
Failed Hard drives
In the event of a hard drive replacement we will always offer you back your failed or old hard drive. If you do not wish to take it we will physically destroy the drive after 7 days. This delay is to ensure you are content that all possible data has been recovered to your satisfaction. We will then destroy the drive using a large hammer.
Site Security
SPB Computers workshop is protected by a comprehensive alarm system and security grills both external and internal. The system is monitored 24 hours a day and will contact the police on activation. We have invested heavily in ensuring equipment left overnight will be as safe as possible from external factors.