Laptop Repairs

We offer free diagnostic on all Laptop repairs in our Penrith Computer shop, just off from the town centre.  These are some of the most common laptop repairs we see each week.  If you are not sure what's causing your problem don’t worry, we can have you diagnosed free of charge usually the same day.


fix cracked screens

Cracked Screen - Caused by impact damage.  The Most Common size and type is 15.6" LED TFT.  We charge £65 to supply and fit a replacement panel. Get a free quote for different size or specs.


no power

Damaged DC Socket - .No power or only charges when you wiggle the cable. If you've checked your charger is ok.  (We can do this for you free of charge and supply genuine replacements at £30)  This can be caused by a loose or damaged DC socket.  Our Price is £65


Virus removal in penrith

VIRUS Infection - Virus, Malware and scareware can slow your laptop down, render it unusable and in the worst case encrypt all your pictures and files effectively destroying them.  We offer a full clean-up and repair service for £50 which includes a 6 Month re-infection warranty, meaning if you get re-infected within 6 months we'll re-clean free of charge!



Blank screen no display

No Display - You can hear the fan and the power light comes on but there is nothing on the screen we can quickly diagnose the cause and offer a repair option.  If the repair isn’t cost effective we can in most cases recover your documents and pictures etc.



PC going slow

Rapid Slow down - If your laptop has suddenly dropped a few gears and is unresponsive we can quickly diagnose the cause of the problem. Prime suspect is your hard drive - a delicate mechanical spinning disc inside your laptop that is susceptible to knocks and general wear and tear.  We can replace defective drives, reload your operating system and run a full data recovery or transfer from your damaged drive to the new.  We also give extensive after care so you are back up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible,  price on average is £120



Noisy fan overheating

Overheating - Your laptops fan is drawing in air with all the particles that air carry’s and overtime these particles block the air vents preventing your laptop from expelling hot air fast enough.  This results in overheating which can cause slower performance and degrades the solder joints which will ultimately damage your mainboard. We strip down the laptop, clean out the blockage and replace the thermal transfer paste.  We charge £55