Desktop & Gaming Repairs

No charge for looking

Free Diagnostic

Get a professional opinion free of charge.  We will diagnose and offer a no obligation fixed quote for your PC

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No Power

Is your Desktop not turning on?  We can quickly diagnose and replace defective parts, getting you back up and running with the minimum of fuss.


Blue screen errors

Stop errors are Windows way of saying something has gone wrong.  With nearly twenty years experience we can quickly diagnose and offer a repair on any stop error..

tidy computer

Gaming Cable Management

Professionally built gaming PC's not only look the business they provide a vital service in keeping your expensive components running cool.  Airflow and heat manegement are vital in gaming PCs ensuring smooth running and prolonged use.  We can build your rig or rebuild it to a professional standard.

make go faster!


Whether you're running a home PC, Business or Gaming rig one big advantage you have over your Laptop is the ability to upgrade.  Make like new with more ram, a bigger, faster hard drive or the latest graphics card.  We've got you covered with great prices, expert advice on what will benefit you the most and fast turn around.  Give us a call.

fast boot times wsith ssd in penrith

Super Fast Solid state drives

Breath new life into your desktop by adding a super fast Solid stae Drive.  these massively improve boot up times and general usage when used as your boot drive, freeing up your old drive to be used for storage. A Highly  Recommended upgrade.

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